Solar Star Attic Ventilation

Solar Star Solar Attic Ventilation

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Yes, attic ventilators are capable of keeping your attic cooler, resulting in minimized conductive heat transfer across the ceiling. Now here’s the issue: while it is necessary that you invest in a separate ventilation system, a bigger portion of your attic’s cooling is most probably covered by your air conditioner, and thus your air conditioning’s energy cost flares up. And that would be a tricky situation to be in. On the other hand, you can be saved from this dilemma if you opt for a solar attic ventilation system. Both individual functions are served, respectively.

Area Wide Services, Inc. offers you the Solar Star Solar Attic Ventilation System, a high-tech, innovative and ecologically sustainable option that delivers and guarantees satisfaction, comfort and peace of mind. Here are its many benefits.

The Solar Star is cost-effective.
While you will have to cash out an initial investment for the solar panel and the fans themselves, you won’t have to worry about monthly bill payment. Tapping into the all-natural and free energy from the sun sounds only logical, practical, convenient and smart. By shifting to this free energy source, you will save more money and energy.

The Solar Star is easy to install.
You won’t have to pay extra for an electrician. Moreover, Area Wide Services, Inc. has your back covered, from pre- to post-installation. You are guaranteed a quick, easy and clutter-free installment by our highly trained technicians.

By installing a solar attic ventilation unit, you are dramatically reducing the work of your air conditioning system. Keep in mind the very basic principle that the more heat inside the home, the harder your AC works. And the more energy it utilizes, the higher your energy cost gets. By making use of a solar-powered attic ventilation system, you are actually helping your AC work in its most normal level without extra energy cost. This saves not only money and energy, but most importantly the environment.

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